Gafas de Sol Garrett Leight
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Gafas de Sol Garrett Leight

About Garrett Leight

Garrett Leight, Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO), launched in 2010 inspired by his father – Founder and Creative Director of iconic eyewear brand, Oliver Peoples – and the culture and creativity of his California upbringing on Venice Beach. Garrett Leight pioneered a new generation within the eyewear marketing with his hyper-California brand aesthetic. He provides a spotlight for the creatives of Los Angeles from influencers to film, music, art, fashion and sport stars - Garrett shares their work with the world. This creative and authentic approach completely upholsters the Garrett Leight brand DNA which is only strengthened by the unique family legacy, exclusive distribution and celebrity clientele.

Garrett Leight sunglasses are expertly designed with truly exquisite details, and constructed with the utmost technical precision. Each pair of GLCO sunglasses are hand finished in China with materials sourced from all over the world such as Japan, Italy and Germany. Garrett Leight frames display a perfect balance of classic and contemporary influences: quietly unexpected, undeniably beautiful, and completely timeless.

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