Dita Lancier Sunglasses
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Dita Lancier Sunglasses

About DITA-Lancier

Founded in 1995, friends Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, started DITA by introducing stylish eyewear inspired by vintage frames from the ’50 through to the ’80. The DITA brand continues to exceed expectations by offering luxurious eyewear through their Dita-Lancier range.  Dita-Lancier sunglasses are designed for use in land, sea, and air environments paired with a universal frame design system. The DITA-Lancier eyewear brand is taking innovative steps toward performance enhanced lenses beyond the range of UV and glare protection.

DITA-Lancier collection combines lightweight, impact-resistant qualities of polycarbonate with optical clarity and scratch resistant nearly that of glass. Each DITA-Lancier lens features a specialized color enhancement designed for the trifecta of environments and can be adapted to most prescriptions. As a trusted partner in the highest level of eyewear manufacturing Dita-Lancier has unrivaled ambassadors such as Aston Martin, Red Bull Racing and Formula One. 


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