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Gafas Web

About Web

Web Eyewear was established in 2008 inspired by travel and exploration. Combining a retro feel to each Web frame, the brand is continuously evolving following fashion trends, technological advancements and manufacturing innovations. The winning combination of the past and present has defined Web glasses as an easy-to-wear brand with a timeless collection of opticals to suit every face shape. Combining fashion and functionality, Web opticals offer a truly unique product for customers who live to explore and are always adventurous, curious and interested in all things new. 

Web Eyewear is different, and for their customers are dynamic and self-confident in need of that essential eyewear accessory: a travel companion. Strong, rounded, unisex shapes compose the Web glasses collection with striking acetate temples and flexible legs that are finished with a unique colour-blocking detail on the end tip. Each pair is engineered to the highest standard in order to survive your journeys.


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