Gafas Superdry
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Gafas Superdry

About Superdry

Born from a creative collaboration between entrepreneurs Julian Dunkerton and James Holder in Cheltenham in 2003, Superdry is a British fashion brand. Julian started working in fashion with a clothing stall at the Cheltenham market which sold vintage, Americana, inspired pieces. Meanwhile, James experimented with design and screenprinting, founding the skatewear brand Bench. When Julian and James met, they quickly bonded over their obsession with product, progression and pushing boundaries, and together combined their talents in tailoring, fabric sourcing, vintage washes, typography and graphics. Superdry was born following an inspirational trip to Tokyo where they agreed upon a brand ethos to offer quality, value and design.

Sticking closely to their original inspiration, Superdry glasses have a succinctly retro feel with a bold contemporary twist. Perfectly planned colour palettes fit seamlessly into Superdry’s urban frame shapes making for a truly trend-focused, contemporary, eyewear line. Superdry eyewear is made by the Inspecs Group, and they pride themselves on using only the highest-quality acetate allowing for a stylish, long-lasting and strong frame. All the inner temples of the Superdry glasses are branded with the Superdry name and are complimented with hand-embossed markings.


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