Gafas Silhouette
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Gafas Silhouette

About Silhouette

Silhouette has been creating innovative eyewear of the utmost precision and quality for 55 years. From its roots as a small start-up in Austria, it has grown into an international market leader in the premium segment of rimless glasses. Established in 1964 by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied, the Silhouette brand was, and remains, passionate about vision and innovation. Working continuously to create the most beautiful eyewear in the world, Silhouette has secured itself as a high-quality brand with an eye for precision and purity.

Silhouette produces the lightest eyewear in the world with great attention to detail, a high degree of craftsmanship and a uniquely individual design ethic. Using Titan Minimal Art, the brand creates eyewear designs that are free of screws, hinges and rims. Weighing approximately 1.8 grams, Silhouette glasses have accompanied astronauts into outer space. This type of high-tech titanium gives your glasses the greatest possible flexibility and strength meanwhile being totally anti-allergenic. Their eyewear is also corrosion and temperature resistant meaning your Silhouette frames will always keep its shape and be virtually maintenance-free. Always remaining at the forefront of innovation, in 1983, Silhouette began producing eyewear made of high-tech plastic using an injection process that allowed them to create incredible frames with high-quality colours, shapes and functionalities all while remaining lightweight and comfortable. The material they use in this process is called ‘SPX’ and it is twice as strong as acetate all while offering slimmer, lighter designs with improved functionality. SPX is also scratch and abrasion resistance. Surpassing the technical ability of these glasses, Silhouette’s spectacle design is beautifully distinctive and unique - each frame will provide you with a stylish and timeless statement piece.

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