Gafas Safilo
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Gafas Safilo

About Safilo

Safilo Eyewear is synonymous with distinctive design. Safilo blends classic shapes, contemporary materials and traditional methods in order to create an iconic and timeless range of glasses. All the Safilo frames have been named after Italian eyewear production components and crafting techniques: Calibro, Buratto, Registro. Each frame is highly technical and handmade integrating exclusive details that redefine the harmony between artisan craftsmanship and industrial perfection. Working in a selection of materials: acetate, titanium, stainless steel and other metal alloys, these glasses are shaped to ensure the enduring elegance and the outstanding strength that the brand embodies. The entire collection follows a modular approach in order to guarantee top service performance: the styles are built with standard interchangeable components, yet the design aesthetics are kept at the highest level of excellence. 

Safilo glasses are produced in the Cadore region of Italy, which is internationally recognized as the home of the finest glasses production. Safilo started in 1934, and since then the brand has upheld their dedication to high-quality manufacture and attention-to-detail in design. This can be seen in each and every pair of glasses which are always created by true expert designers, artisans, engineers and technicians who meticulously follow the Safilo heritage that combines both technological advancements and the human touch: from 3D printing to manual finishing, the end result is an authentic design with bespoke details that are distinctive and unique. The lack of a visible logo is a conscious choice by the Safilo brand, they intend to let their frames introduce themselves and be appreciated at first sight.


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