Gafas Radley
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Gafas Radley

About Radley

Radley is a London-born fashion brand born out of Camden Market in the midst of the 1980s by Australian-born architect Lowell Harder. Lowell stood out amongst the sellers at Camden Market for his unique and quirky designs that were created with wild colours and luxurious materials. He launched the Radley brand in 1998 with adoration for crafting beautiful handbags and accessories. Radley focused on creating the perfect combination of style on the outside and functionality on the inside, blending together creative design, quality materials and immaculate craftsmanship.  The Radley dog logo is as synonymous with the brand as their exceptional quality - the Radley Scottie dog was imagined after a search was started for an icon to represent the playful personality of the fashion brand. His distinctive outline and bright red collar was a small idea sketched by the design team at Radley and proved an instant hit!

Radley glasses are contemporary and sleek with the flair that original Radley eccentricity. Their collection of flattering frames come in a range of fun coloured acetates with cute floral designs embellishing the legs. Radley eyewear consists of elegant design features such as gold hinges, colour-blocked legs and uniquely textured components. Each pair of Radley opticals stay true to the quirky history of London’s Camden Market.


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