Gafas Michael Kors
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Gafas Michael Kors

About Michael Kors

Born Karl Anderson Jr. in 1981, Michael Kors chose his name at the age of five when his mother remarried,  he grew up on Long Island and was always interested in fashion. Michael Kors moved to New York and briefly studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and began working in 1978 at Lothar’s Boutique as a buyer, display director, and designer. His designs were highly coveted and in 1981 Michael Kors Inc was born with a line of womenswear. His designs were celebrated for their beauty and perfection. 

In 2015, Michael Kors eyewear launched and offered the same level of perfection in each frame. Michael Kors glasses are for those who aspire to enjoy the most glamorous of lifestyles. Each pair of Michael Kors frames are sophisticated and indulgent with iconic design features such as gold legs, intricately shaped frames and bold patterns. Michael Kors’ eyewear collections capture the effortless sophistication for which the designer is celebrated. 

#PRETLOVES Michael Kors

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