Gafas Lozza
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Gafas Lozza


LOZZA is one of the oldest eyewear brands in Italy, founded in 1878. It has always been characterized by its modern and sophisticated designs and most notably their brilliant craftsmanship which allows LOZZA’s artisans to create nostalgic yet outstandingly contemporary designs. In the 1940s, LOZZA promoted a series of special models, and most notably the Zilo frame, which was a combination of plastic and metal which sold millions and won LOZZA a CFDA Fashion Award. Then in the 1950s, A new "youth culture" was beginning and so was increasing desire and need for plastic frames - LOZZA got to work using celluloid, bakelite and gallate pioneering a variety of eyewear shapes, ranging from the ultra-feminine to more avant-garde designs with special inserts such as rhinestones and the mother of pearl which can be seen across almost all eyewear brands today.

Taking design inspiration from every era of its existence, LOZZA is the perfect brand for vintage lovers. Desirous of a 1970s revival with modern design principles, LOZZA glasses are superior to any other retro-inspired frame due to their rich history, tradition and quintessential Italian roots. LOZZA eyewear is made from robust materials such as titanium. 



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