Gafas Lafont
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Gafas Lafont

About Lafont

In 1923, Louis Lafont set up a small boutique selling hearing aids in Rue Vignon in Paris before moving onto providing opticals to the Parisians. For three generations, the Lafont family's art deco spirit set the standard for designing eyewear - Philippe, Louis' Grandson, along with his fashion-designer wife Laurence transported the spectacles into genuine fashion accessories. The couple produced many innovative designs and collaborated with major fashion houses such as Hermes and Chanel.

Lafont eyewear is individualistic with their bold prints, colours, and shapes. The Lafont range are compellingly designed with an array of coloured hues juxtaposed with bold patterns. This eyewear collection is specifically designed for women using a range of metals such as nickel, monel and stainless steel in order to create a truly durable yet feminine design.



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