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Gafas Fred

About Fred

Fred Samuel of FRED was born in 1908 in Argentina into a family who were accomplished within the precious stones market, he conceived a passion for cultured pearls and won recognition as a leading expert in the field. He paired this knowledge with his desire for the sunlight that illuminated his childhood in Argentina. Both influences shaped his work, the latter forming a theme, almost becoming his muse. FRED eyewear captures the elegance of sea waves and sophistication of sunlight that can only come from Argentina.

The FRED Eyewear Collection combines precious metals like 22K gold and platinum across all their selection of elegant frames. Subtle touches of diamonds, gemstones and engravings make FRED glasses so special. Each pair of FRED eyeglasses are hand-made in Paris and takes seven days to produce. You can see the inspiration translated between FRED eyewear and some of FRED’s most beautiful pieces of jewellery.


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