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Gafas Cazal

About Cazal
CAZAL was first created in 1979 by Austrian eyewear designer, Carl Zalloni. He took the first syllables from his first and last name and combined them to create his eyewear company (CArl ZALloni). The iconic 607s sunglasses were the first pairs released by CAZAL, but they didn’t receive widespread popular support until Darryl McDaniels from Run-D.M.C and Rick Ross picked them up and introduced them to the hip-hop community. Rick Ross actually has a facial tattoo of the Cazal logo!

Cazal’s optical eyewear range maintains the message proclaimed in 80s hip-hop not to follow the mainstream, instead always finds a new unique way to express yourself. Following this ideology Cazal has continued to release impeccably original eyewear which is recognised worldwide.



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